Matcha (green tea) ice cream (no ice cream maker) and matcha panna cotta

I decided to make matcha/green tea ice cream for my friends this week. My ice cream maker was hopeless so I decided to go semi low-tech, I used my hand mixer instead.

Since I had whipped cream over which I didn’t want to waste I also made a matcha/green tea panna cotta.

Original receipe from Nami

Ingredients for the ice cream:

1 cup of milk

1 cup of heavy cream

3 tbs of green tea powder (I love strong green tea flavor, if you prefer a creamier flavor, add 2tbs of green tea powder instead)

1/2 cup of sugar


1. Freeze a (preferably stainless steel bowl) for at least 12 hours.

2. Add milk, cream, sugar and green tea powder in a sauce pan. Whisk it while it’s heating up. It shall become hot but do not bring to boil.

3. Pour the green tea mixture into another bowl and let it cool down. When it has cooled down pour it into the “pre-frozen” bowl and leave it in the freezer for roughly 45 min. When the mixture has started to freeze, mix it with a hand-held mixer or a whisk (-if you need some exercise, use a whisk :P) vigorously to beat up all frozen bits and pieces, then put it back in the freezer.

4. Repeat the mixing procedure for 3-4 times every 30-40 min.


Scones for Sunday Brunch

Sunday is way too close to Monday Blues and what’s better than a Sunday brunch to make us forget about it for a second 🙂

This morning I made scones, scrambled eggs, pancakes and roasted tomatoes and more for my our Sunday Brunch. It was a lot this morning and it was a shame that I didn’t get the chance to take pictures of everything so let’s stick to scones this time and I’ll share other recipes next time. 🙂

Classic scones (yields 6 scones)

Recipe from Delicious Days (I didn’t add any dried fruits to my scones)


200g (roughly 3dl) flour of all purpose

1.5 tsp baking powder

2.5 tbsp granulated sugar

05. tsp salt

60g of cold (refrigerated) butter

140ml (roughly 1.5dl of milk)

1 egg beat with 1tbsp milk (for brushing the scones)


1. Heat the oven 220C degrees. Line a tray with parchment paper. I prepared the dough by hand because I like to feel the consistency of the dough to make sure it’s “right”.

2. Mix the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. Cut the butter in small pieces and add to the dry ingredients. Rub the butter and the dry ingredients with your finger tips until you get small crumbs (see picture for reference). Then add milk and mix it well until it’s well combined with the “butter crumbs”. If it’s still too wet, add a little flour.

3. Flour a board and slightly knead the dough 3-5 times (don’t over-knead or else the scones will be very tough and dry).

4. Dip a round shaped cookie-cutter into some flour and cut out 2-3cm thick rounds and place them on the parchment paper. Try not to twist your cookie-cutter or else the scones will rise unevenly – very good tip that I got from this recipe, but I kind of missed this part until I finished cutting out the scones hehe

5. Beat the egg and the milk and brush it on to tops of the scones.

6. Place the tray in the middle rack of the oven and bake the scones for 13-15 min (I baked them for 15 min). Let them cool for a few min. and serve with preferable clotted cream and jam/marmalade. I had to use whipped cream since it’s very difficult to get a hold of clotted cream in Sweden.

Happy Sunday, enjoy!